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This is very special really because i learnt this recipe from my mom with full care as i like this very much, it taste similar as temple prasatham(offering)...

I like to contribute this to TAMIL CUISINE - RCI.

Rice- 2 cups
Tamarind Extract - 2 tablespoon
Coriander Seeds- 2tsp
Fenugreek Seeds - 10 seeds
Sesame Seeds- 2tsp
Channa Dhal- 4tsp
Dried Red chilly- 5-6
Peanuts- 1/4cup
Turmeric - 1tsp
Mustard little
Curry leaves - few
Hing - a pinch
Salt - As per Taste


Boiled the rice and keep it aside till it become cool.

Fry Coriander seeds, Fenugreek seeds first in dry pan, later add sesame seeds lastly.

Once they are cool, grind finely.

In little oil fry peanuts, Channadhal, Red chillies and grind coarsely.

Now in oil, season the mustard, curry leaves, add hing, turmeric, tamarind extract, salt and let it boil for5minutes.

Then add the finely grinded powder and slowly boiled rice and mix evenly.

Once it gets mixed up, now add the coarsely added dhal powder.

Serve hot with chips...


BECKY said...

hi, i was the first time to visit your space,nice to meet you here. welcome to my blog, wish you have a good time.

Pooja said...

wow! mom's recipe ! i loved it.
thanks for sharing a traditional recipe here. i love it really.
keep such things posting , so that our tradition do not get vanished in the atmosphere of western culture.
lovely entry for RCI.

Sharmi said...

hey Romba nalla entry!! Looks really good. keep it up.


Vcuisine said...

Nice post and nice entry Usha. Could feel the aroma. Viji

Coffee said...

One of my favourite too!!! Mouth Watering!!!!

Asha said...

OMG!!! Usha,thank you so much for this authentic recipe.I do make this at home but this is Temple dish which makes me very happy:)))Hugs.

Sia's Corner said...

amma's recipe? then it has to be too good:) does it taste like puliyogare ushi?

USHA said...

Hi Becky,
Thanks for visit and comment.Do visit again,sure will visit your blog.

Hi Pooja,
Yep Dear!what you say is 100%true.We have to be in touch with authenic recipe which we learn from our family elders.Though these days western recipes have come in our daily menu almost, i like to keep in free flow of our traditional dishes too..

Hi Sharmi,

Thanks a lot dear...Roambha santhosam.Try pannugga...

USHA said...

Hi Viji,

Hi Coffee,
Thanks alot dear.Do try and let me know.

Hi Ashaji,
I feel very happy that you liked the recipe to this extend.I'm sure you will enjoy the taste too.do try and let me know.

USHA said...

Hi Sups,

Yep! you are correct...it taste heaven, i like it very much, now even my hubby too.
Hey what do you mean,so my recipes are not that good:))just kidding.

It is puliyogare only buddy,just to understand for others i have given that name.

Richa said...

tamarind rice looks yummy and yes have tasted it in temples!
that pink box by the side looks so cute.
thanks for the recipe.

Seema said...

Puliotharai means puliyogre right? I love it. I make it often using the MTR powder but will try making it from scratch next time now that I have your recipe. Looks like the temple prasadam. Loved it buddy.

Menu Today said...

Hi Usha,
Authentic preparation of puliotharai.Thanks for sharing. Good entry for RCI

USHA said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks.Do try and sure you will like it very much.

Hi Seema,

Yep!i even tried with Sakthi compnay, but non of the company products near this taste.Do try and let me know.

Hi MT,
Thanks alot.

swapna said...

Hi usha
Soory i am late this time..
I love the temple style puliyogari.My mouth is watering to tsate it!!!thanks for sharing it dear!!
hope u enjoyed ur time with ur friends!:-)

trupti said...

This is so good..and the ones they serve at the temples taste the best!
great entry, Usha.


Mythreyee said...

This is one fav. picnic dish. I love it and it is usually followed by thair sadam.

Tamil Recipes said...

Wonderfully authentic !! Thanks for contributing to the recipe index !

Reena said...

there are so many dishes in tamil cuisine which i haven't tied and tatmarind rice is one of them. though i have tasted it. your entry looks really tempting.

Hema said...

Love the temple puliodarai and dodhiannam. Great entry Usha!

Kajal said...

Great entry..............
Lovely dish I like it very much and easy to make so definitely try.
Take Care.:)

USHA said...

Hi Swapna,

YepDear.Thanks for alot, do try and let me know.

Hi Trupti,

Very happy that you liked it.Do try and sure you will enjoy it.

Hi Mythi,

You are correct.Sometimes we take Lemon rice and thalisha thair sadam....i think most of the Indian(south) families have same pattern...

Hi Tamil recipes,

Hi Reena& Hema,

Thanks alot.

DEEPA said...

hey usha ....Too good..I love this rice .If we have it with vadam or chips ..man too good ...

Bharathy. said...

Wonderful entry,,,divine entry...KOVIL PULISADAM...Try sreerangam koil pulisadm, sothaiyee ezhuthi vechuduveenga:)
Love your christmas tune audio clip..melodious and SOUL touching...:)

USHA said...

Hi Deepa,

Thanks alot for visiting and dropping your comment.Please visit again.

Hi Bharathy,
Thanks....christmas tune...i'm confussed...i don't have any audio clip in my blog...

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this recipe. I absolutely love this rice. Though I make it, I never got the temple pulihora taste. I am soo happy to see this. Thanks..


Taste of Mysore said...

Hi Usha, I saw your receipe on Veggie Cuisine blog. I tried day before, I liked it so much that I have already made it 3 times. My son loved it too as he is a gr8 lover of tamarind rice. Thanks for wonderful receipe


Taste of Mysore said...

Hi Usha, It was first time visit to your blog. I tried your tamarind rice and was excellent. Thanks for wonderful receipe. Eversince I started blogging, i started having a new recipe/day.

USHA said...

Hi Lakshmi,

Thanks alot dear.This sort of feedbacks are really a boost for us...

I'm so happy that you liked the recipes, mainly the kid....so sweet of him.

Keep visiting....

USHA said...

Hi Kamala Mam,
Thanks for your visit and your valuable comment.
Do visit again.

jacky said...

hi iam jai here. Recently i came to ur blogsite searching for the recipe of tamarind rice. I luv it whenever my mom makes it. She makes it really great. I tried ur method and u know what ,it is much easier than how we used to prepare earlier.U have simply used just 2tbspns of tamarind juice and done it more easier.I found ur method very easy and it came out very delicious on the day i had prepared. Thank u for the recipe. I also used prema's version of Rava Dosa recommended by u for the actual measurements.And that also came out very well.Thanks.

I also wanted to tell u what an interesting blog u have got. So one can do so many things thru blogs is it? Even i write thru blogs but it is only my thoughts in day to day life. How do u post photos there so attractive. I will try these ideas from u !!
Thanks once again!


USHA said...

Hi Jacky,

Really thanks alot for your lovely comment and visit...

You made my day by your heartfelt comment...

Do visit again.

jacky said...

hi Usha!

thank u for ur immediate reply.
My best wishes for u in ur pregnancy and i pray to God to bless u with a hale and healthy child!

Be it a girl or a boy giving birth to a child and seeing that child grow is the best thing in life a woman could ask for! I have been gifted twice! A girl and a boy!

U were the first to post a comment in my blogs! Thanks for that Usha!


jacky said...

hi usha! saw ur msg. sorry i could not reply immdly.Hey, its nice to know that u r also from the same field.But u r contributing towards it a lot more than me. U r putting up lots of cooking ideas! Thats great!
What is the exact course u have done? did u do it in chennai? I did Nutrition,Food Service Mngt and Dietetics in chennai for Bachelors. And my Masters took a slightly different route.Family Resource Mngt. But i do not have ideas of how further i can apply them in jobs. I find no scope as of now.
Iam not able to reply to u via the msg that comes to my yahoo mail box. Everytime i have to find ur blog and post a comment or what? how shd i proceed?!
Thanks for the cake idea, will it be interesting??Do i have to pay for those?
pls do reply..sorry if u r busy!
thanks jai.

jacky said...

hi usha how r u? Good news? ok just send me a msg whenever possible! Take care. In a way ur blog influenced me a lot to improve mine.Thank u!

jacky said...

hi sorry i forgot to tell my name , this is jai here .I sent u a msg previously.Thank u, bye.

USHA said...

Hi Jai,

Thanks alot.

jacky said...

hi usha! i just wanted to ask u many questions regarding blogging.What is RSS field? What is subsribing to another blog? why should i subscribe ? what is a feed or feedburner? what else can i include in my blog for increasing site visitiors or to attract commentators, pls take a look at my blog and do tell me how i can improve my blogging!Since iam totally new to this blog world iam really confused.Thank u for ur time.

Anonymous said...

Made this dish today. Turned out great! Thanks for posting.


USHA said...

Hi Jyothi,

Thanks. Very happy that receipe has turned out very well.Do visit again.

Anonymous said...

excellent dish. just like kovil prasadam. thank you for the recipe!


anuradha said...


Amazing taste! Thanks so much...

USHA said...

Hi Anil and Anuradha,

Thanks alot for your valuable comments. Keep visiting.

Easy Shopping Tips said...

Wonderful recipe.

Smylee said...

I have been a big lover of kovil puliotharai!! Your recipe tasted just as divine! Absolutely loved it! Thanks a million for the recipe~

mittu said...

This came out just like the name promised! :)

Thanks for this awesome but simple recipe

Anonymous said...

I cant beleive thank u
enough.Everytime i make this i get reminded of kovil prasadam taste.Sooo delicious and easy receipe too.Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Usha, i dont see the amount of peanuts needed for this recipe. Could you please tell me the amount of peanuts needed

USHA said...

Hi Hema

Sorry for late reply...check the ingredients list updated it.

Thanks .