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As i promised to post my two methods of biriyani preparation, i already posted one with mutton biryani, now let me come with chicken...


Chicken - 1lbs
Rice 2cups
Tumeric - 2tsp
Salt- As per taste
Garam masala- 3tsp.
Curd- 2cups
Biryani masala(i used Shahi briyani masala(everest company)
Ginger.garlic paste-2tsp
Green chillies - 2
Chillipowder(if you wish to have more spicy)
Onion - 2
Tomato- 1 big
Cinnamon - 1 piece
Cardomom -3
Bay leaf-2 small
Mint leaves - garnishing
Fried cashew- 5-6


Marinate chicken pieces with enough curd, garammasala, salt, and tumeric for at least 2hours.

Boil rice (75%) with cardamom and bay leaf, keep aside.

After 2hours,fry onion crispy and keep some for garnishing aside, start frying tomoto, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Garlic paste. Greenchillies (grinded). Once you feel raw flavour is gone.

Add Chicken pieces, fry nicely till it turns pale white in colour, add curd if we feel you need little.

Check for spicy and salt and close the pan, allow it to cook for 2 whistles for just by closing the pan leave for the 15-20minutes...

Once you feel it is cooked well, allow the gravy to get thick consistency.

Now layer the cooked rice and chicken gravy alternately, inbetween add crispy onion and few drops of food colour.

Keep in slow flame with weight for 10minutes at least or you can do this process in microwave even for 10minutes(dum).

Garnish with mint leaves, friednuts. Serve with raitha or chips.

(The specialty is as the chicken cooks in curd, it gives good taste. No need to add water).



Chicken - (drumstick pieces - 6)
Kitchen King masala- 3-4tsp
Limejuice - 3tsp
Salt- as per taste
Allpurpose - 1/2cup
Egg - 1 whole
Crushed corn flakes plain - 1 bowl


Marinate chicken with masala ,lime juice, salt and leave it for 3-4hours(put slits on pieces and marinate).

After4hours make a past with egg and all purpose flour.

Roll on crushed corn flakes and deep fry.

Drop on tissue to absorb extra oil and enjoy hot .cripsy KFC at home.


Sig said...

That biryani looks so yummy and colorful Usha! And KFC chicken, :) nice name... I'm definitely trying this recipe..

Ayesha Seerin said...

KFC chicken looks really really good ..
Will definitely try it

priar's, said...

Hi Usha,
i am ur gr8 fan of ur Kfc.I am planning to make it,where did u get this kings masala? i dont find in subzi..

priar's, said...

i am ur gr8 fan of Kfc.where did u get that kings masala....

Asha said...

KFC chicken!!!YUM!!! Biryani looks great! YAY for non vegetarians!!;D

USHA said...

Hi Sig,
Thanks alot..Sure try this and enjoy the recipe.

Hi ayesha,

Oh my god!you got such a wonderful collection of recipes...i was watching all with lips smacking...

Hi Ramya,

Nice to see you.Welcome to the blog world.You can find it in patel.You get in many brand (kitchen king masala).I got MDH company,believe me once you start using it, you will become good addiction to that flavour.

Hi Ashaji,

Thanks.Yep1 we did non .veg in between many veg.dishes right?

Sushma said...

the KFC chciken looks good


hi thats nice biryani and mouth watering nice blog...nice recipes...

Vcuisine said...

I could say they are professional :) Viji

Cynthia said...

Oh yeah, any chicken and rice dish and I am a goner. Nice meal, Usha.

USHA said...

Hi Shanti,

Thanks for your visit and comment.
Do visit again.

Hi Viji,
Thanks.A appreciation from a profession really makes me happy..

Hi Cyanthia,
Oh man!!!!even i go withyou.I need in between vegetarians days...something to cherish with non-veg items.

Pooja said...

hey i posted comment on you paubhaji and maxican dinner yday ? where is that now :(( , couldnt find it now , just came to see your response ....
is it somewhere in other post or what?

USHA said...

Hey it so:(( did you leave your comment..I never got pooja..

It never happend to any:((.I making all my comments moderated and responsing too without missing...

Any way thanks dear.

So happy to see your comment and beautiful hands in myblog after long time..:))

Reena said...

this biriyani looks very tempting and loved that KFC chicken :)) original!

USHA said...

Hi Reena,

Thanks.Do try and let me know.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey Usha, thanx for leaving a comments on my blog and leading me to yours.... You have a nice one!! Youe chicken recipes look appetizing even for a veggie like me!! ;))

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hay it is great feast....Looks nice..KFC chicken looks YUM!

USHA said...

Hi Ramya,

Thanks for dropping by.Do visit again.

Hi Sukanya,

Thanks for your visit and valuable comment.Do try and let me know.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Usha,
Chicken biryani looks great.. I make the same way with paneer for paneer pulao.. will post it sometime. KFC chicken looks perfect. I have saved this recipe to send this for my sis who cooks NV.Thanks

Rohit Tripathi said...

Hey nice recipe's.

USHA said...

Hi Prema,
Thanks alot.Hey sure send your sister,ask her to try and let me know...

Waiting for your version of Panner pulavo.

Hi Rohit,
Thanks for your visit and comment.Do visit again.

swapna said...

Hi usha
Thanks for ur concern.Because of my daughter i am not able to spend time with blogs.I am so happy about ur comment.
I can't comment on this post because i don't know about chicken...:-DDDDD

USHA said...

Hey Swapna....Not a problem,just wanna know you are fine..Takecare.Bye.

Jeena said...

Hi Usha nice recipes looks tasty my hubby would love home made kfc :)

Mandira said...

usha - the biryani and KFC chicken - the combo sounds great. Lovely pictures. I like the name too... ;)

USHA said...

Hi Jeena,
Thanks.Do try and let me know.

Hi Mandira,
Thanks alot.Do visir again.

Sia said...

usha, r u on break? waiting for ur next recipe:)

USHA said...

Hi Sups,

No dear, actually i was littebit busy couple of weeks..surely will post my recipe in soon..stay tune...
Thanks for your concern buddy..

Anonymous said...

what is all purpose flour.
where did u get that kings masala....

USHA said...

Hi anonymous,

All purpose flour something similar as maida flour.Kings masala you can get in all Indian stores.By the name...can i know your name?