Wednesday, October 04, 2006



Green peas --2 small cups
Panner --few cubes
Ginger -small piece
Garlic -4-5flakes
Green chillies-3
Onion -2
tomato -----2
cloves -4-5
Cinnamon ----1 small piece
Chilli powder --little(as we already add greenchillies)
Salt -as per taste
Turmeric - a pinch
Colouring agent-a pinch(orange or red)
Corriander--for garnishing
ghee-a littel(for aroma)


1. First if are going to use frozen peas,then fry it in little oil and keep aside.
2. Fry the panner and drop it in cold water and squeeze the water and keep aside(even you get fried panner as packed).
3. Now grind all ingredients from Ginger to Cinnamon
4. In oil fry all the grinded ingredients till the raw flavour goes,then drop this peas and panner in the gravy.(If you are going to use fresh peas then you can fry along with ingredients).
5. Now add salt,tumeric powder,chillipowder and mix it well.
6. In a 50ml of water,mix the colouring agent and add to the receipe.
7. Add some water and close the pan,leave the receipe for some15-20minutes in slim.
8. Open the lid and mix well,add ghee and garnish with corriander and serve

This gravy goes well with Chappathi and Naan.


jayakarthik said...

Hi usha
thanks for visiting my blog
ur blog looks cool too
i will come back to get vegetarian recipes, thanks for mutter panner recipe, will try it tomorrow

USHA said...

Hi Jaya,

Thanks for visiting my blog.Ya,try and let me know,how it came....

jayakarthik said...

Hi usha
tried the dish it came out really well
thank you for such a wonderful recipe