Tuesday, November 28, 2006


This is My Contribution to Pooja's this week vegetable.I'm really glad to participate in this.


Fenugreek leaves ---1 bunch
Moongdhal- 1/3cup
Onion chopped-1/3cup
Green chilly-1(optional)
Salt-as per taste
For Seasoning:
Mustard seeds
Broken urad dhal


First boil the dhal and keep aside(not to be over cooked)

Then in pressure pan,boil leaves with onion, garlic,greenchilly in very little water(TO PREVENT THE LOSS OF NUTRIENTS).

Once the pressure settle down,mix both the ingredients,keep in low flame for 5-10minutes.
Meantime season the ingredients given in the above list, add to the receipe.

Finally add coconut and gently mix,off the stove...

You can serve it with Ghee and Hot rice...


jayakarthik said...

its the same way i prepare except for one difference, just try adding jeera along with coconut and grind it
taste will b totally different

Asha said...

Very delicious and healthy Kootu.I do Dal Palak in the the same but I will try with Moong dal and Methi.

Thanks girl:)

USHA said...

Hi Jaya,
Sure will try in away you suggested me and let you know dear.

Hi Ashaji,
Thanks,Ya! it tasted very nicely.This is first time i tried, we use to do with ponnakanni keerai(i don't know english name for that).Try and i'm sure you will sure enjoy the receipe.

Trupti said...

Looks good, would taste great with chapatis! I also add spinach sometimes instead of fenugreek...


Lakshmi said...

Hi Usha,
Thanks for your comments.
Your curry looks so nice with that grated coconut on top. have to try this.

Seema Bhat said...

methi with moong dal is interesting ...i just dilips version of dill with moong dal ...have to try out moon dal now :)

Sia's corner said...

woho usha:)
thanks to pooja... all green veggies are on limelight:) this looks absolutely delightful..

Pooja said...

Hi usha,
thank you for your cintribution to idea of vegetable of the week. i would love to have your suggestions for choosing veg for coming weeks.
i just posted the entries for today , check it out.
thank s for being with me.

Mythreyee said...

this is really a healthy treat. would you like to share your recipe in my newly created blog http://cookforhealth.blogspot.com where I am gathering all nutritious food recipes each week. I want fellow bloggers to share their healthy food recipes. details are in 'about this blog' link in the blog. thanks.

USHA said...

Hi Trupti,
Thanks for dropping your comment.Its tasy and healthy receipe too.

Hi Lakshmi,
Thanks.Try and hope you will sure enjoy the receipe.

Hi Seema Bhat,
Thanks for your comments,usually the receipe will moong taste rich,try and let me know.

Hi Supriya,
Thank you dear, inspite ofbusy schedule, you stay and drop you r comment.Great job.

Hi Pooja,
Thank you for positing receipe in your site.I read your thanks letter, this portrays your good qualities.

Hi Mythreyee,
Sure,why not!!I have mailed you, check it out.

viji said...

Usha, as usual. Excellent recipe. Have a good day. Viji

USHA said...

Hi Viji,
Thanks for dropping comment. You too have a gr8 day.

Menu Today said...

Hi Usha,
Adding onion is a nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

Anjali said...

Hi Usha we too make this methi moog dal combo yet completely different will share mine soon. Your version too is yummy.

USHA said...

Hi MT,
Thanks for dropping comments.

Hi Anjali,

Thanks, sure waiting for your version.

Anonymous said...

hi usha, for the leafy vegetable roundup, i want to use this same curry that you sent already for a previous roundup. thanks.

Anonymous said...

samayal-ulagam.blogspot.com; You saved my day again.