Monday, November 27, 2006


Last week we have invited my hubby's collegues for lunch.They enjoyed the receipes alot as everybody were bachelors,who was longing for long time homemade receipes...

Menu in first snap:
1.Chinese Fried Rice
3.Tindora Masala(Thanks for the receipe Lakshmi(Flavors of Indian Rasoi)

Menu in the second snap:

1.Plain Rice
2.Prawn Curry
3.Chicken Kurma
6.Beetroot Halwa(Sweet)


Sia's corner said...

lucky guys... i'm sure they must have licked the plates clean;) i'm amazed to see so many dishes usha... my god!! u r just amazing:)
wish i too was there to eat so many yummyyyyyy dishes:( i'm sure they r gonna knock ur door soon;)

Lakshmi said...

wow so many dishes, Thanks for trying out the recipe

Vcuisine said...

Really Usha, I missed this party :) Viji

Asha said...

WOW!! I would like the recipes please:))

USHA said...
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USHA said...

Hi Supriya,

Thanks,yes they enjoyed alot.Infact beetroot.halwa was new to them itseems.They never heard of it itseems.Anyway i felt v.happy,as they enjoyed all the receipe...

Hi Lakshmi,
Thanks,till now i tried twice.It came out very well.

Hi Viji,
Thanks,don't worry dear, let us have gettogether and enjoy:)).

Hi Ashaji,
Thanks,hope you are back with double energy after enjoying you longweekend

jayakarthik said...

woooow usha i would like to have the recipes for fried rice, looks wonderful, feeling hungry:((

USHA said...

Hi Jaya,

Thanks,mailed receipes for fried rice to your gmail id.Check it out.
Happy cooking..

jayakarthik said...

hey thanks usha for the recipe
never thought u would send me mail
thats really nice of u
will try it out n post it in my link
thanks once again

archana said...

Wow, what a spread !!
Your guests might have been incredibly happy. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Anjali said...

hey Usha you must share the recipe foe beetroot halwa. I'v never had it before. anything so densely colored always attracts me.

USHA said...

Hi Anchana,

Thanks for dropping comments in the site.Ya, they enjoyed very much.

Hi Anjali,

Nice to see you after longtime,sure will mail you the receipe for betroot.halwa.

Suvaiyaana Suvai said...

nice recipe