Thursday, November 16, 2006



Peas----2cups(fresh or frozen)
Rice---4cups(ordinary or basmathi)
Onion chopped-2cup(lengthwise)
Mint leaves--few
Cinnamon-1 piece
Bay leave -1
Salt-asper taste
Ghee-for aroma
Corriander-for garnishing

First grind cloves,cinnamon,greenchilles with gingergarlic,keep aside.

Then fry cardomom,bayleaf,onion in oil,slowly add the grinded paste.

Fry till raw flavour disappears,then add peas,panner&mint leaves.

Once it is fried,then start adding rice,fry till it looses its moistureness.

Now add hot water,then add salt.Close the pan,leave for 10-12minutes(2whistle).

Open the pan,once all the pressure settles down.

Add ghee,gently mix once or twice.

Garnish with corriander,serve hot with Any gravy or Chips.


Lakshmi Krishnan said...

Hi Usha

That is a nice idea. Paneer and peas at the same place. Good recipe

Foodie's Hope said...

Paneer,Paes and chicken, what more can I say:))

Pooja said...

this is a good recipe, though i m a strict vegeterian, will give this pulao a try with some other food.
nice recipe with good pics

USHA said...
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USHA said...

Hi Lakshmi krishnan,

Hi Asha,
Ya,it was nice combo with chicken, hope you enjoyed.

Hi Pooja,
Thanks,Try and hope you will sure enjoy the receipe.

Lakshmi said...

nice pulav recipe,looks so healthy and greeny.
and that panas thoranalu from Arjuna's blog, they are great na...even I prepared those.

USHA said...

Hi Lakshmi,

Thanks,i keep trying most of things,even i tried your tindori masala for lastweekend lunch for our friends..It came out v.well.

Sia's corner said...

hi usha,
what a beautiful presentation:) lucky me i have got little paneer left in fridhe and i'm gonna paneer-peas pulao for my lunch box:)
thanks a lot for such a yummy recipe:)

shilpa said...

Thats a nice idea. I make peas pulav frequently. But never tried it with Paneer. Will try this out soon. Thanks

Vcuisine said...

Hi Usha, My first visit. Simple and tasty pulav. Less chicken I will try :). Viji

USHA said...

Hi Supriya,

Thanks.Ya,its v.easy and can carry for lunch too..

Hi Shilpa,

Thanks.Try and let me know,how it has come.

Hi Viji,

Thanks.Sure I'l provide your stomach full next time.

Mythreyee said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe. peas with paneer combo. sounds great. btb when you find time drop by at my site for my version of peas pulao.

Revathi said...


Being a non-veg crazieee I want to know the recipe of that chicken drumsticks please !!

jayakarthik said...

hey usha
how unlucky i m , i dont have paneer , anyway will try the recipe with someother substitute
thanks for the recipe usha

USHA said...

Hi Mythreyee,

Thanks,i visited your site and viewed your version.All the collections was great and yummy.

Hi Revathi,

Thanks,here i used tandoori chicken masala readymade one available in shop,marinate it for atleast 2hours minimum.

Hi Jayakarthik,
Thanks,don't worry,you can try after getting panner.Hope you will sure enjoy the receipe.

Anonymous said...

peas & paneer pulao & chicken drumsticks! delicious combination:)

Pooja said...

Hi usha,
Dropping by here to just inform you that i have chosen - spinach and fenugeerk as vegetable of the week, starting from monday. I have chosen this with the consideration that this time you will have no problem in gettin it in stores there. So can i expect you to present atleast one recipe with it? Do reply for this.
Thanks for being around

USHA said...


Thanks paati,hope your enjoyed the receipe.

Hi Pooja,
Thanks for your information,sure will participate in this week,while you announced spinach,i was not having in my fridege.
I asked my hubby to get,becoz i don't wanna to put excuse face before you this time also.

Seema Bhat said...

hey usha ..this panner peas pulav looks very healthy and delicious and nice combination too ...thanks for posting this

USHA said...

Hi Seema,

Thanks for visiting and leaving comments in my blog.Ya, even i felt it was nice combo,hope you enjoyed the receipe.